Interns/Master Thesis Interns to build: Next-Gen Database For Mobile 3D Game Editor

Friend Factory is on a journey of creating a large real-time database for 3D assets. The 3D Industry is now undergoing a shift where democratization of tools and easy access of 3D assets is now happening. This Industry has predominantly been used by Hollywood animation studios, large scale game developer and has been inaccessible for non-professionals. The 3D open world social-gaming space is a case in point where creator tools and have been easily made accessible to PCs. We believe this shift is now coming to 3D virtual characters and smartphones.

To reach this vision Friend Factory is developing an innovate data model and database design that cater for a real-time production environment.For our platform, this entails high demands on structured and powerful data models that can facilitate content creation and consumption through personalized recommendations.

The goal of the internship/master thesis internship will result in deploying a new NoSQL or SQL database and model that can be used for production.

Key steps involve:

  • Analysing our data types, assets and users in order to develop a user-driven data model that can support the most common use cases on the platform.

  • Developing algorithms, queries or scripts that will support user stories (both for creators and players) such as recommendations and search-rankings.

  • Developing automatic checks to ensure harmonization and standardization of data types to facilitate automatic content creation.

  • The final product is expected to be new revised data model and database design that caters for high scalability and fast queries.

An in deep interest in database programming is important. Familiarity with Google Cloud Platform, AWS, C# and Unity eco-system is meriting.

This is a 5 months paid internship or “Master Thesis Internship”. We are looking for long-term key individuals to join us on our journey, thus a successful match between us and the intern could lead to full-time employment.